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CPU Fans

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Intel LGA 1150/1151 4Pin CPU Fan

High Performance Fan

Intel LGA 2011 4Pin CPU Fan

Keep your CPU cool and running smoothly by using the Intel BXRTS2011AC Sandy Bridge-E Air Cooler. This low-cost CPU cooling device is compatible with the latest Intel Sandy Bridge-E processors with an LGA 2011 socket and provides a steady flow of air for a much effective cooling performance. Face heavy computing with confidence with the Intel BXRTS2011AC Sandy Bridge-E Air Cooler. Order one today!

Cooler Master Hyper T2 Series Processor Fan

Thanks to Cooler Master’s patented Dual Loop heatpipe design, Hyper T2 is able to provide superior cooling performance compared to other dual heatpipe CPU coolers. The special Dual Loop heatpipes form a Continuous Direct Contact (CDC) surface, allowing Hyper T2 to quickly and effectively cool CPU hotspots. An easy-to-use, universal mounting system and compact size makes installation and removal a breeze with support and compatibility with all common motherboard and CPU types.

Cooler Master Hyper TX3 Series Processor Fan

Cooler Master's Hyper TX series has evolved with requirements of current mainstream CPUs. The introduction of Hyper TX3 marks another milestone with Cooler Master's first-ever full compatibility with Intel LGA 1156 socket. Hyper TX3 is taking basic ideas and simple design while incorporating it with most of the fine points of a decent performing cooler, such as the flexibility to switch from Intel to AMD quickly and easily, the dual fan design to attach another 92mm fan to increase the cooling power. Hyper TX3 also brings back the "original" direct contact heat-pipe design from Cooler Master.

3rd Generation Fluid Dynamic Bearing Effizio Processor Cooler

With two 6mm copper intertwined heatpipes that contact CPU directly and anodized aluminum fins, the SilentX EFZ-80HA3 offers superior heat conduction and dissipation. The included 80mm fan with 3rd generation fluid dynamic bearings delivers 12-36 CFM air flow at a noise level of perfect for your moderate cooling needs. For higher cooling performance, you can add a second fan.